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ACT – Lockdown


Exploring the ‘WitchFinder General’ Matthew Hopkins in Lockdown!

The Avenue Community Theatre company ACT is a group for is a group for adults with disabilities, learning difficulties and adults struggling with mental health and addiction.
ACT have been busy continuing to work on their new project exploring the 17th Century Witch Hunts in Suffolk. They have been creating poems, artwork and creative writing based on the historical research we have explored together in sessions before lockdown. This work explores themes of mental health, disabilities and persecution for being different in both the 17th and 21st century societies.

This work is part of a project funded by The National Lottery Heritage Fund.

Artwork by ACT

Rather amazingly, some of the group have begun writing a play in lockdown!!

Their play time travels between the 17th and 21st Centuries, and explores how both societies persecute people for being different. Watch this space as ACT are creating something very exciting with this work! Here are a few pieces of creative writing created by some of the group!


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