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“Familiars appear to them. Wait and watch and they will come.”   

The World Turned Upside Down, 2020

Familiars or Imps were demonic creatures in the shape of animals who suckled blood from a witch’s body, to remind her of her devotion and service to the devil. This was considered the symbolic opposite of holy communion.

Witches were often known to name their imps.



Little Man

Dainty Jack


were some of the names given.

These imps were sent out by the witch to do their evil bidding.

” REBECCA: And there were kitlyns. 
SUSAN: We know about the kitlyns and the dogs, Vinegar Tom and all of them. We know about the book and Bess Clarke and her love for the devil.
MATHEW: Carnal copulation.
RICHARD: Enough. 
SUSAN: We must know all.

The Ungodly, 2023

The Ungodly, 2023


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