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Rebecca West

Anne & Rebecca West

“Among others, she points her finger at “That old beldame West” and we see no reason to doubt that Rebecca is lost to Satan too.”

  The World Turned Upside Down, 2020

Rebecca West (The World Turned Upside Down)

Anne West (The World Turned Upside Down)

Rebecca West was a young woman from Lawford who was put on trial for witchcraft but never convicted. Though she walked free, it came at a cost.

She confessed to witchcraft, and named a group of other people who she had practiced magic with as a young girl. All of them were executed, including her mother, Anne West. She said that her mother had told her not to tell anyone what they had done, and that she had said “if shee ever did speake of it that shee should suffer more tortures and paines on earth, then the paines of hell.”

HOPKINS: You were a child. Listen. Confession will save you from the fate awaiting the others.

REBECCA: Will they die?

HOPKINS: They must. “

  The World Turned Upside Down, 2020


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