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The Mistley Witch Watch

The Mistley Witch Watch

13 June 2023

A new play full of time travelling, witchcraft and Mathew Hopkins!

We began working with our community company ‘ACT’ in late 2019, delivering drama workshops that began to explore the heritage material around the witch hunts. ACT are a group of adults with disabilities and mental health diagnoses and are incredibly diverse in the make up of the group. During the COVID pandemic, the group wrote the piece with Artistic Director Joanna Carrick. They created the character of Jayne, a therapist who had a horrible boss, Derek. On holiday at the Thorn Inn, she time travelled back to meet Rebecca West and the dangerous Mathew Hopkins and his Mistley Witch Watch who accused her of being a witch. She soon returned home and stood up to her nasty boss Derek! 


This project is part of Red Rose Chain’s work exploring the Suffolk Witch Trials, funded by National Lottery Heritage Fund!

The drama sessions are one of the highlights of my week. I feel safe, acknowledged, and confident enough to express myself creatively. I especially love how everyone works so well together with our mixed abilities, creating magic and happy chaos every week!”  

Becca, ACT member

“They create such an uplifting and positive energy that you can’t help but be caught up in that when they perform. The Mistley Witch Watch is a multifaceted story, both the historical and the current, with some absolutely charming moments amongst the horrors of the witch trials.”



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