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The Price Of Magic

The Price of Magic

a play by Evangeline Cooke

The Avenue Theatre, 2018

Inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s The Little Mermaid, and written by Evangeline Cooke and directed by Joanna Carrick, ‘The Price of Magic’ tells the story of Ariel, a young woman in a wheelchair whose bright ambitions and book smarts are at odds with her family’s meagre wishes for her future.

With the world around her seemingly so unwilling to change, Ariel decides the only way she can truly find who she’s meant to be is by changing herself, but at what cost? Confronted with a magical trickster full of power and promises, can Ariel find the courage to embrace exactly who she is and finally become Part Of That World…?


Funded by Arts Council England, Red Rose Chain developed The Price of Magic at The Avenue Theatre over a year. Jo mentored Evangeline to develop the script, turning Evangeline’s imaginative and unique perspective into an immersive theatre experience for audiences!

Thank you to Keystone Law and Coes who supported this project


Lawrence Russell

Leonie Spilsbury

Antony Carrick

Evangeline Cooke

Sydney Aldridge


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