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The World Turned Upside Down, 2020

” He marched me up and down until my legs couldn’t work anymore. Just as i were about to nod off he would sound an almighty claxon. 15 Wakey wakey he would scream. This continued for days, even weeks. I wanted to die there and then.”

Cauldron’s Bubbling, Audio play 2020

The Ungodly, 2023

The main role of watchers was to wait for familiars to appear. They would not allow the suspected witch any time to rest, settle or recover. She would be sat on a stool, kept awake, and walked back and forth to deprive her of sleep until a familiar or confession would be found. This sleep deprivation could very easily have been the cause of many women’s sentences, as in their delirious state they would find any possible way to be allowed some rest, even if that meant condemning themselves to execution in the process.

“HOPKINS: Wake up! It is time to confess. 
REBECCA: To what? 
HOPKINS: That you are the reason this town is under the Devil’s control. That you are witches. Search her!”

Mistley Witch Watch, 2023

Mistley Witch Watch, 2023


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