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Written by the Chainers Youth Theatre. Directed by Joanna Carrick

25th & 26th February and 4th & 5th March

One avenger kept waiting in the shadows
A sword consecrated with gore and carnage
A monster, a hero, and a country that needs his help

Outcast is a new adaptation of the epic poem Beowulf, written and performed by The Chainers Youth Theatre.

Show Trailer

Originally written in Old English, the story follows the hero Beowulf as he strives to protect Heorot in Denmark from the monster Grendel. Outcast explores not only Beowulf’s journey to protect the land from peril, but also that of the anglo saxon actors who are performing the play and the religious uncertainty they face. In writing this piece, The Chainers attempt to make sense of where the female voice stands in male centric stories, and what it’s like to be left behind by society.

This extraordinary piece was written by the young people online during lockdown, and follows their previous heritage work, The World Turned Upside Down

Click HERE to read more about Outcast in our interview with the East Anglian Daily Times

“It was creative, thoughtful, imaginative and talented”

Grapevine, Hayley Clapperton

“funny, thought provoking, surprisingly relevant and poignant.”

Audience member

“absolutely fantastic! this group of young actors keep on getting better and better.”

Audience member


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