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Put Out The Lights

Put Out the Lights

Written by Joanna Carrick

The Avenue Theatre, 2018

1538. Ipswich is a dangerous place of dark secrets and new whisperings. A preacher is dragged from his pulpit, arrested for protestant heresy, while Cromwell sends agents to dismantle the Town’s beloved Catholic Shrine and burn the statue of Our Lady. Trying to make sense of it all are Alice Driver, an ordinary Suffolk woman with an unshakable belief and her two best friends – the well-meaning Edward and loose cannon Alexander. A tragic love story, where beliefs, convictions and divided loyalties threaten to tear their world apart.


Following on from the huge success of Progress and Fallen In Love at The Tower of London, Put Out the Lights completes Joanna Carrick’s celebrated Tudor trilogy.

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“Emotional, touching and meaningful piece of true historical theatre”
Ipswich Waterfront

“Ripe, rich material, skilfully laid out”
The Stage

“Very moving, hugely enjoyable slice of Suffolk history. Highly recommended.”

“Finely detailed
Anne at the Theatre

“Excellent, as we have come to expect of Red Rose Chain. The acting faultless.”
Grapevine Live

Production images by Bill Jackson


Isabel Della-Porta
Alice Driver

Oliver Cudbill

Ricky Oakley

Ellie Allison
Young Alice Driver

Charlie Drane
Young Alexander

Ted Newborn
Young Edward

ACT presents Just A Girl

Running alongside the production of Put Out the Lights was a community project with ACT (Avenue Community Theatre). The group worked with Jo to devise a complimentary piece about Alice’s life in Suffolk, Just a Girl. This was performed after special performances of Put Out the Lights.

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